Getting Started with NARHS

There are three ways to register:

  1. Register online and pay with PayPal, or call the office and pay with a credit card.
  2. Print off the registration form from the website, fill out the form and mail it along with a check (minimum $200 for initial payment) to the business office 14 S. 6th Ave. Yakima, Washington 98902.
  3. Call the business office at 800-882-2828 and give a credit card number.  The registration form can then be scanned / emailed or faxed to 509-965-3909.

After registration, you will receive a welcome letter and the “Advisor Survey of Student Interests” which the student needs to fill out in his / her own handwriting.  The purpose of the survey is to provide information that we can use to personalize the guidance counseling as the student works toward graduation requirements.

Your appointed advisor will contact you to discuss your curriculum choices and the student’s graduation requirements.  You will then have contact information to be used whenever you have questions.  If the advisor is unavailable, short–answer questions may always be addressed to the front office.

Submit your Curriculum Design form which outlines basic information about courses the student will study this year.  Selected studies will be regarded as “pending” until after the advisor provides approval.  Keep in mind that the Curriculum Design sheet can be amended as the year goes by.  Just contacting the advisor and discussing changes is all that is necessary.