Issue 95 | May 6, 2017 | Homeschooling PE


"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body,  it is  the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."   John F. Kennedy

That quote from President Kennedy covers the precise reason why physical education credit is required for high school graduation.  Physical fitness and mental fitness work together improving cognitive skills.  What better time to plan a fitness regime than when summer is approaching with all kinds of outdoor opportunities.
Now's the time to take advantage of changes in schedule and weather to earn some physical education credit.


Building a water system in PNGIn the land of Papua New Guinea, a few years ago, a NARHS student serving in a village through New Tribes Mission, dug a cistern and implemented a water system for the people earning P.E. credit and a strong set of biceps.  Drawn plans, pictures of the process throughout, and hours logged served as evidence of the project.

On the East Coast of the United States, a NARHS student participated with a well-named jump-roping team called the Firecrackers.  The amazing performances of this group can be viewed on You Tube even today.  They toured and performed to large audiences an amazing half-time show that keeps crowds cheering and wondering during  a performance that ratchets-up the thrills! For spectator-pleasers like this, or for lower-level programs,  the coach of a team can be requested to fill out an assessment of the student's skill level using one of the NARHS grading tools provided on the website under the downloads tab.  It is quick to fill out.  With the coach's dated signature, the student's participation and quality of performance is sufficiently established.

More traditional PEOther resourceful NARHS students have enjoyed surfing, rock-climbing, coaching, horse training, and rock-wall building.  We also see more conventional physical education programs such as team sports, swimming, gym workouts, or dependable / fitness-building daily walking.  Whatever a student chooses, the NARHS requirements for validation stay the same:
A course description is written.
Hours are logged.
Evidence is provided.
A grade is supplied.
Of these four, determining a grade might be the hardest requirement.  However, our job is to simplify yours.  Therefore, clicking on these links will take you to "Grading Guidelines for Physical Education" as well as a "Physical Education Activity Log and Assessment."
For the most simplified version of a grading form that can be used, go to our website downloads tab and click on "Grading Tool for Self-Designed Courses."

Since the saying is probably true that "physical fitness is the basis for all other forms of excellence," our hope is that this P.E. credit requirement serves as a foundation to building a lifestyle where excellent achievement blossoms.