Tuition Payments

  • Posted on: 7 September 2022
  • By: admin

Add this to your cart to set up a payment plan that will be automatically charged to your PayPal account.  Please note that you will need a free PayPal account to be able to set this up. The initial payment is $180. All subsequent payments are $50.

The activation fee is now included in the recurring payments. There is no need to add it separately.

Payments are made in the following way:

  • Initial payment of $180 (including activation fee).
  • Monthly payments of $50 per month for 8 months.
  • Total payment is $580. This is the normal $575 tuition/activation plus a $5 service fee.

Please note that there have been problems recently with attempting to purchase multiple items when one is a recurring payment. To avoid this problem, please do not try to purchase Log Books or Resource Advisors along with setting up monthly tuition payments.

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