Transcript Evaluation

Use this form to request your transcript evaluation.  This service has a fee of $30, payable through PayPal here.  The evaluation will not be processed until we have received an official transcript and the processing fee.  If, after the transcript evaluation, you decide to sign up for NARHS, the fee will be applied toward your tuition payment.

Please note that we will NOT request a transcript for you.  This must be done by the student or legal guardian.  When you make the request, have the transcript sent to:

NARHS Transcript Evaluation
14 South 6th Avenue
Yakima, WA 98902

Alternatively, schools can email electronic transcripts to

Please include both first and last names for the person requesting the transcript
Please enter the name of the student whose transcript is to be evaluated.
Please select your relation to the student. Please note that we cannot process requests originating with someone other than the student or the student's parent/legal guardian.
Please enter a phone number where we can contact you if there is a problem processing your request.
Please enter where the transcript we will be evaluating is coming from. Enter at least the school's name and city and state where it is located. Example: Naches Valley High School, Naches, WA.
Check the box beside each grade level on the transcript to be reviewed.
Do you have any special instructions regarding this transcript evaluation?