American History Musical Theater Scripts


Character building lessons that make history come alive!

What better way to reinforce positive character development while strengthening a child’s understanding of historical events all at the same time than through music and drama!  We’ve combined numerous skill-building activities into productions that should take about 20 hours to practice and 20-30 minutes to perform. 

These four 25-minute plays are packed with history, art, music and life-lessons from outstanding role models.  Children will be totally immersed with memory-building scripts saturated with bits of knowledge and history that are implanted forever in young minds.

Students will learn life-lessons from:

The play about Pocahontas features her first as a child welcoming the European settlers and encouraging a trade partnership between two people-groups.  As time passes and disappointments mount, Pocahontas never loses her hope that her two beloved cultures can finally see eye-to-eye.  When Pocahontas’s aspirations are fulfilled, she emerges to be the glue that cements the relationship between the Europeans and the Native Americans. 
Benjamin Franklin’s life’s story displays a huge variety of skills possessed by this one man who led our nation out of the colonial period into a unified country.  He is first a printer, then statesman abroad, an inventor, an author and finally a Founding Father of our great nation. The script is full of witty and wise sayings that Ben Franklin included in his first book, Poor Richard’s Almanac. How did Franklin become so wise? Through all the twists and turns of his life, he made the most of every moment. 
For a woman who has so little going for her initially, Harriet Tubman draws upon her courage to make the impossible happen. Not only is she able to find freedom for herself but also for more than 300 others, never losing a passenger on the Underground Railroad.  Once that freedom is found, she encourages people to develop a good work ethic and strong community in their new life. The Spirituals throughout the play support the story and add depth to the performance. 
At a time in American history when inventors were busy and abundant, two brothers from Dayton, Ohio were endowed with a perfect combination of skills: creative genius, mechanical abilities, and teamwork. The saga begins with the brothers working in their bike shop in Dayton around the year 1900, when their first interest in flight began.  Eventually, they develop a glider and then move onto the famous Flyer. Episodes of the effective partnership are displayed as the story unfolds underscoring the message that “together we can accomplish so much more.”

The pack includes reproducible scripts, cast lists, prop/costume lists, original scores of music, and suggested backdrop visuals. Each play takes approximately 20 hours of rehearsal and preparation.

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