Issue 08 | May 24, 2012 | Overcoming Setbacks

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This week we have more great advice from a student on how to get back into a good stride after experiencing setbacks.  But first, notice the contact information below as we enter "Portfolio Season."  


These are the addresses for sending portfolios:

 *This newsletter originally contained a list of addresses for sending portfolios.  Currently, all portfolios should be sent to the following address:

14 South 6th Avenue
Yakima, WA 98902

The exception is those families working with Maureen Martin.  Her portfolios should be sent to:

120 Voter Hill Road
Farmington, ME 04938

The  2011-12 year ends August 31.  All work completed by then should be filed and packaged into a portfolio.


  • A homeschool transcript listing courses, grades and credits.
  • The summary sheet.
  • Show evidence of the work being completed  (tests, workbooks, graded essays, etc.)
  • Send the logbook
  • Send a return shipping label.
  • For any self-designed courses, be sure to include the course descriptions.

All portfolios must be sent to the advisors by October 31, or there will be a $25 late fee imposed for each month it is overdue.  

Featured Student: AnnaLotte Smith

 AnnaLotte Smith, a 15-year-old NARHS student from New Jersey, has a life filled with music, ranging from piano lessons, to recitals to pending international competitions in Germany this summer. (read her bio at this link). She estimates that 20-30 hours a week are spent with musical activities.  This even includes conducting a children's choir at church.   Her father, who is also involved in music, helps her keep her focus during all this busyness by reminding her, "The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing."

His advice is obviously heeded, because AnnaLotte's piano talent has allowed her to now compete at a rather high level.  She is leaving June 10 for two weeks of piano competition in Germany, sponsored by the St. Petersburg conservatory of Russia. 

 When asked about her post-secondary plans for study, AnnaLotte explained that she is looking for the right teacher to work under.  "The teacher is more important than the school."  So her search will also include options in Europe.

 I believe that people can become high achieving when they have learned how to handle failure in a positive way.  So I asked AnnaLotte what happens when success escapes her. Here is her reply:

 "I was thinking over one of your questions, about what has helped me when things haven't gone right and when there have been failures. I wanted to add one thing, if I may. I think of course what has helped me the most have been my parents who always seem to know when  and how to give me tools, encouragement, and good critiquing  to help  me do my  best; and  and when just to say, 'Honey, take a break!' I think it is important to learn to just live well; to just take a break for a bit, kick back and see my friends, or act in a Shakespeare club.  Because music is alive, and if you aren't alive inside, neither will the music be. And of course, most importantly, always keeping Christ in the middle of everything!

"P.S. Just as a side note, I have to say that coffee and chocolate ice cream have helped me through many a rough spot too!"