Issue 02 | April 13, 2012 | Transcript: Official or Unofficial?

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Greetings from the NARHS Director!

 One of our goals for this year is to keep you more informed about the inner workings of NARHS. Therefore, we are creating this e-letter to send your family. Through this format, you will find out about NARHS policies, new products, and promotions.

 We will also be featuring notable NARHS students.  This issue's featured student is Molly Hanberry from Mississippi.

 Also in this issue: What exactly is the difference between "official" and "unofficial" transcripts?

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Featured Student: Molly Hanberry

 WORDS OF ADVICE FROM A National Merit Scholarship Finalist

Molly Hanberry, A NARHS student from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was notified in January that based on her SAT score, she is a National Merit Scholarship finalist.  What this means for Molly is that she can attend any of the public universities in Mississippi tuition free. But she did not necessarily have to choose an in-state university. There are many universities all across the nation that provide incentives for admission to NMS finalists. After she graduates in May, Molly's plans are to attend Southern Mississippi with her full presidential scholarship where she will be studying history / and economics.


When asked what advice she could give students who would seek to achieve high scores on the SAT, Molly said this:

In her high school studies, she focused on the Classics. She spent a lot of time reading which in turn developed her vocabulary, and many other skills...such as memory and knowledge. For math, Molly took pre-algebra in 7th grade. By the time she took the SAT, she was studying pre-calculus/ trig. She likes the Teaching Textbook curriculum because of the resources it offers to help students understand the concepts. Over the past couple of years, she has taken college courses on line which she believes helped her with higher-level thinking skills.

Her studies in Latin helped on the English/ vocabulary sections of the test.


Molly spent much time preparing for the SAT. She worked with a coach who encouraged her to take many practice tests (4 is the threshold after which the score quite often jumps).   Under the direction of the coach, Molly was familiarized not only with the SAT but also with a variety of standardized tests.   One skill that Molly could not emphasize enough was "Get the timing down.   Timing is critical."

When asked what helped her the most, Molly said, "Being home schooled." She had the choices of taking Latin and high levels of math and reading classics that she probably would not have been able to do if she had been following the prescribed program of the public schools. Home schooling gave her options.

 Transcript Tips, Policies and Procedures at NARHS


Confused Boy Official transcripts are those sent from one institution to another in a sealed, signed envelope. The NARHS policy is to send out, at the student's request, up to six official transcripts at no charge. After the sixth, the cost is $10 per transcript.

We do not send official transcripts to the family, because the minute it is opened, it becomes unofficial. However, if you order an official transcript and then keep it sealed, you can then hand-deliver it to an institution and it will remain official.


 On the NARHS webpage menu bar, click on "transcript request". You will be able to order the transcript on the form that drops down. If the webpage is not functioning properly, send your transcript request to

Now days, colleges and universities are receiving official transcripts via the email. But still, it must be sent from the registrar's office to the institution.