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NARHS Achieves MSA/CESS Accreditation Candidacy

MSA LOGOThursday, February 6, 2014 we received notice from MSA/CESS that " North Atlantic Regional High School has been offered Candidacy with the Middle States Association. " We have, of course, accepted and should be listed on their database of schools any day now.

NEW! Tuition payment plan!

Now available online:  You can set up monthly recurring payments!  Add the product "Tuition Payments" to your cart and you can set up $50 payments that will continue for 10 months.

Please note that in order to make payments, you will need a FREE PayPal account.  Payments will be automatically charged to your PayPal account every month.  

Unfortunately, the current $50 tuition discount only applies if tuition is paid in full by May 31.

Tuition Payments


Add this to your cart to set up a payment plan that will be automatically charged to your PayPal account.  Please note that you will need a free PayPal account to be able to set this up.

Price: $50.00


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