The Mission of NARHS is to strengthen home-based education by providing consultation and tools to support course planning, student work assessment, quality academic learning, and goal setting leading to a high school transcript and diploma which have far-reaching transferability and acceptance.

Preparing for the Portfolio Review

Since it is portfolio season again, here is a SIMPLIFIED page of how-to's.  Just use this as an abbreviated summary for everything that needs to go into the box you ship us. All work that is completed between September 1 and August 31 of the same school year needs to be sent to the assigned advisor before the following October 31 (to avoid a $25 late fee.)

As you prepare to send yours, here is a checklist that will help to ensure all the necessary pieces are in place, along with links to the relevant forms.

New look coming soon

Every once in a while we like to change some things up to keep it fresh, and up to now the NARHS web site has not been very mobile-device friendly.  In an effort to change that, we have come up with a new look for the NARHS website that will be rolling out soon.  Let us know what you think once you see it!